Overwatch League teams will give away free copies of Overwatch

The game isn’t going free to play, but fans can earn free game codes and league tokens soon.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Fans of the Overwatch League are likely well-acquainted with the game, but new promotions coming in the next few weeks will open up Overwatch to even more people. Jon Spector, vice president of the Overwatch League, confirmed on Twitter today all 20 teams will be giving away free copies of Overwatch along with Overwatch League tokens. 

This update comes after a post from the Boston Uprising was circulated early on Sept. 30, promising free Overwatch game codes to fans who filled out a form. The site was quickly taken down after the community noticed the unique giveaway. The original form now states the form was taken down due to high demand, but “all eligible entries will receive codes within 72 hours.” 

According to Spector, Overwatch League teams will be working with the game’s development team to distribute PC copies of Overwatch “in limited quantities for a limited time.” Spector urged fans to follow individual team accounts to learn more, indicating that each team is responsible for hosting and following through with a giveaway. 

Teams will also give away Overwatch League tokens, which is a relatively common treat for those who follow league social media accounts. Overwatch League tokens can be earned by watching live games on the league’s site or mobile account. These tokens can be redeemed for team skins or exclusive event skins, like the new 2020 All-Star Skins.   

Spector did not mention a specific date for these giveaways to begin, but rollouts will likely begin before the Overwatch League Grand Finals. The semifinal matches of the double-elimination bracket begin on Oct. 8.