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How to unlock the 2020 Overwatch League All-Stars skins

Get those Overwatch League tokens ready.

This year’s Overwatch League All-Stars theme might be Earth and Air, but these brand-new skins are straight fire. D.Va and Reinhardt are the lucky heroes to receive exclusive All-Stars skins in 2020, which were released on Sept. 29. Players only have until Oct. 12 to unlock these two skins. After that, they’re gone for good. 

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The good news is the exclusive All-Star skins are easy to get, provided you have Overwatch League tokens available. The skins don’t require the completion of any challenges whatsoever. 

To get the All-Stars skins, open up Overwatch on any platform. The title screen should now prominently feature Atlantic Reinhardt, with his green and bronze armor, and Pacific D.Va, dressed like she just emerged from a cloud. In the bottom right corner, click “shop” to open up the Overwatch League skin store.   

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Each skin costs 200 Overwatch League tokens to unlock. Simply hit “unlock” on the right side of the screen and equip that fancy new skin. 

Overwatch League tokens can be earned in two different ways. The quickest way is to purchase them in the Overwatch store. The cost is $5 (USD) for 100 tokens, which means the cost of each new All-Stars skin will run you $10. 

Most players, however, have been saving up tokens the past few weeks by watching Overwatch League games on the official website or mobile app. Fans can earn five tokens per hour of live view time. 

If you don’t currently have enough tokens to purchase both skins, don’t fret too much. The North American All-Stars event will take place on Oct. 3 at 2pm CT. Watching that event will net you a good amount of tokens.

In addition, the Overwatch League Grand Finals weekend runs from Oct. 8 to Oct. 10 and there will likely be increased token earning opportunities during the last big event of the season. 

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