Overwatch League Atlanta Homestand drinking game

Peach emoji overuse is encouraged and expected.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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The devil went down to Georgia and this time, he’s taking the Overwatch League with him. Atlanta is in the spotlight as the league hosts its second weekend of home games. In April, the Overwatch League went to Dallas. The crowds were wild, the games were great, and there was only one massive power outage

We gave you a drinking game for that experience, and since Bud Light is still sponsoring the Overwatch League, we’re not going to slack this round. Welcome to the Atlanta Homestand drinking game. 

The Atlanta Reign are hosting seven other teams, many from the Atlantic Division of the Overwatch League. The New York Excelsior, Florida Mayhem, Philadelphia Fusion, Washington Justice, Toronto Defiant, Guangzhou Charge, and Shanghai Dragons will be participating in this round of home games, which take place on July 6 and 7.  

Producers learned from the crowd-pleasing chaos of May’s All-Star Games and have added a few extra rounds of fun before the weekend’s eight matches begin. Analyst Brennon “Bren” Hook will take on Atlanta Reign DPS Andrej “Babybay” Francisty in a Widowmaker headshot-only competition. Bren challenged London Spitfire main tank Hong “Gesture” Jae-hee to a Widowmaker showdown last month and managed to score two headshots to Gesture’s seven. This week, we’ll find out how big-talking Bren will do against an actual DPS player. 

Former Atlanta Reign DPS and superstar streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has also challenged Toronto Defiant’s new DPS Liam “Mangachu” Campbell to a Torbjörn Hammer showdown. Mangachu was the first player to score a kill using Torbjörn’s melee attack in a professional setting—the 2017 Overwatch World Cup—so he has a reputation to uphold. 

If all that wasn’t enough chaos, it’s about a bazillion degrees in Atlanta. So it’s time to grab a cold one, or six. 

Take a drink when… 

  • The peach emoji is used in a suggestive way. 
    • Drink twice if it makes it onto Disney XD, even though it definitely shouldn’t. (Weekend matches are often broadcast by the channel.)  
  • The exclusive jersey created by Ult for the Atlanta Homestand is heavily advertised by talent or players.   
  • An Overwatch League player who isn’t used to heat (like Philadelphia Fusion’s Isaac “Boombox” Charles or any European player) complains about how hot the American South is. 
  • Someone mentions chicken and waffles or, even better, Waffle House. 
  • Insults about Florida are made. The regional rivalry between Georgia and Florida is apparently very serious. 
    • Take a bonus drink if they manage to integrate the Florida Mayhem, who are last in the league standings. 
  • Babybay raps at any point in time, no matter how much literally nobody asked for that. 
  • Atlanta Reign flex support Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman talks trash.
    • Take an extra drink if Atlanta Reign are losing at the time. 
  • The crowd, players, or casters say “Let’s Go Dude” in honor of Dafran.
    • Dafran manages to sneak in a Twitch Prime plug when he’s interviewed. 
  • For a second homestand in a row, someone wears a cowboy hat during the broadcast. We’re still in the South, after all. 
    • Drink twice if it’s host Chris Puckett. Drink again if he’s still opening with “howdy, y’all.”
Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bren not-so-subtly talks about how good he is at Widowmaker in the middle of trying to do actual analysis. 
    • Take a bonus drink if this is after he loses the Widowmaker showdown against Babybay.   
    • Drink again if any of his coworkers shut him down instantly. 
  • Caster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles really brings out his rhinestone cowboy outfits for Atlanta. 
  • Caster Wolf Schröder, who has family from Georgia, gives fans some actual, useful information about Georgia. 
  • Mitch “UberShouts” Leslie equates Georgia to Australia in some way. He’ll figure out how to do it. Trust us. 
  • The broadcast shows fans in the very expensive front rows drinking a Bud Light. 

Finish your drink if… 

  • Bren actually manages to win the Widowmaker showdown against Babybay. 
  • Dafran wins the Torbjörn Hammer challenge against Mangachu, the leading man of melee kills.   
  • Florida Mayhem win against the Atlanta Reign on the Reign’s home turf. 
    • Take a shot if the Florida Mayhem win against the New York Excelsior. Pour out an extra shot for the New York Excelsior, who would never live that down.  
  • Jeff Kaplan (or another big Overwatch personality) announces the widely-rumored 2-2-2 role lock for stage four. 
  • You’re a Florida Mayhem or Washington Justice fan. We don’t have a reason, you just deserve to have a drink. It’s been a rough season. 

As a disclaimer, please drink responsibly and don’t partake if you’re under the legal age in your country. Water or good ol’ Georgia sweet tea is a great replacement. The Overwatch League Atlanta Homestand games begin on July 6 at 10:30am CT.