Hanzo’s new legendary skin celebrates his Japanese heritage

It's another part of next week's cosmetics update.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new legendary skin for Hanzo has been revealed, and it’s coming to Overwatch next week.

The “Kabuki” skin has Hanzo all dressed up in traditional Japanese Kabuki garb, including a fully made-up face with white and red, the colors of the Japanese flag.

Kabuki is a type of classical Japanese theater, known for its elaborate make up and stylized drama. The kicker is the flat-top hat, which is known as a kasa.

Hanzo is joining Pharah and Lúcio as Overwatch heroes who are getting skins that celebrate heritage. Pharah’s Egyptian bloodlines are expressed in her Asp skin, while Lúcio shows off his Brazilian culture with the Capoeira skin.

These skins and more are all a part of Tuesday’s upcoming cosmetic update, which is set to add a slew of new skins, sprays, emotes, and of course, the new Blizzard World map.