NYXL parts ways with Nenne, Hotba, Bianca, and WhoRU

The offseason of change continues.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League’s offseason of massive roster turnover continued today with the New York Excelsior announcing that it’s parted ways with four players.

The team said its goodbyes to Nenne, Hotba, Bianca, and WhoRU in a tweet this morning. The moves were announced just hours after Haksal announced his retirement from OWL, leaving NYXL with five less players than it ended the 2020 season with.

NYXL’s roster now lists six remaining players: Mano, Saebyeolbe, JJonak, Libero, Anamo, and Mandu. Today’s moves leave them with less two DPS players and two tank players.

The 2020 offseason has been something of a bloodbath when it comes to players being released. Seemingly every day in October has witnessed some form of roster upheaval. Just last week, for example, the London Spitfire released seven players.

Just like current team rosters, there seems to be a bit of uncertainty about the next OWL season. Last week, a report said the league is considering starting the season in April and adding a mid-season tournament.

With Overwatch 2 in development and looming, it’s possible that Blizzard could be waiting to start the next OWL season until the sequel is ready and released.