Can’t afford Blizzard’s $200 Genji sword? Try this officially-licensed $10 one

Sure, the quality isn't great. But it's $10!

Image via Disguise

Who needs a $200 Genji blade when you can buy a perfectly suitable $10 one.

Blizzard’s licensed out some Overwatch Halloween costumes for the spooky season, one of which is DPS hero Genji. Two costumes are available: one for adults and one for kids. Genji’s steady blade isn’t included, but you can purchase it separately for $10. Created by Disguise, the costume is sold at Target, Walmart, and other costume retailers. Sure, it’s plastic, compared to the $200 sword’s electronics-stuffed PVC, ABS, and alloy body. But it’s $10. We’re sure your friends will be just as impressed.

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The plastic toy sword is 31 inches to the $200 blade’s 48 inches, too. But still, our point remains: Why get one sword when you can get 20 for the same price.

Other costumes from Disguise include Tracer and Soldier: 76. Tracer didn’t get any accessories, but Disguise is selling Soldier: 76’s weapon. From Spirit, Blizzard licensed costumes for Soldier: 76, Reaper, Mercy, and D.Va. Spirit has different “levels” to its Overwatch costumes. You can get a basic Mercy costume for $70, or upgrade to the $200 costume. There are also options to buy pieces separately, like Mercy’s deluxe wings for $85 or just her vest for $50. Weapons, like Reaper’s shotguns and D.Va pistol, are also available.

If you’re not the Halloween costume type, but still want to celebrate, you’ll be able to in Overwatch from Oct. 9. Overwatch’s seasonal fall event, Halloween Terror, will begin on Oct. 9 and run until Oct. 31. It’s not clear what specifically will change for Halloween Terror 2018, but a teaser posted to Twitter yesterday suggests there could be a location change.