Blizzard is selling a $200 Genji sword replica—is your wallet ready?

The sword bundle includes a sheath and a stand.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You might not be able to slice up your enemies with a replica Genji sword, but you can still swing it around. Blizzard just confirmed it’s selling a $200 Genji sword replica adorned with LEDs and sounds.

Blizzard unveiled the sword on Twitter on Sept. 20 after it was leaked earlier this month on Australia’s EB Games website. “My blade is ready to be unleashed,” Blizzard wrote on Twitter. “Pre-order the all-new Ultimate Genji sword featuring LED illumination, motion-activated sound effects, and a decorative stand.”

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The $200 replica is made of PVC, ABS, alloy, and electronics. It’s 48 inches long with a half-inch blade. The sword weighs almost three pounds, and requires three double-A batteries. Blizzard said it’s not a toy, but it’s not entirely clear whether the replica is sharp or not.

There’s a green on/off switch atop the sword’s handle that enables the light-up features and sound activation. The sound is based on Genji’s Japanese voice line, “Ryūjin no ken o kurae,” which is enabled when he uses his ultimate ability.

Earlier in September, the sword showed up on the EB Games website in Australia alongside a Snowball statue. (Snowball is Mei’s weather drone.) The sword is $200 USD cheaper than the original price on the Australian EB Games website. The Snowball statue was listed at $300 USD, though the page has since been deleted. Blizzard hasn’t posted the Snowball statue to its website, nor has it confirmed its existence.

Pre-orders are open, with shipping for the Genji blade expected to start by Dec. 15.