When does Pokémon Unite release?

At least one version has a confirmed time.

Pokémon Unite is the Pokémon franchise’s first attempt at creating a MOBA. The developers at TiMi Studios are working to create a gameplay experience that will launch first on Nintendo Switch, before releasing for mobile players at a later date. 

The game, which was originally revealed last June, was already confirmed to be launching at some point in July, with fans clamoring for more details as TiMi and The Pokémon Company continued posting details and videos about how the game plays. 

Now, the game’s official Twitter account and website has confirmed Unite will launch for Switch on July 21. Per Nintendo Support, this means that, since Unite is a digital-only title, the game will likely be available to play at 11am CT on the day of release, though that is still subject to change. 

Unite won’t launch on mobile until September, with TiMi planning to have cross-play and cross-progression available so players can seamlessly play on whatever platform they want. However, the wording in the update post might point to both features being added at a later date and not as soon as the mobile version is put live. 

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TiMi is also including an early bonus for players who pick up Unite early. Anyone who logs into the game before Aug. 31 will automatically unlock the Electric-type Mythical Pokémon Zeraora. It will also be made available for mobile players when that version of the game launches.