Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play Pokémon Unite?

There are a few key features in Unite that might make playing it easier.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Unite will be released on the Nintendo Switch in July, with the developers at TiMi Studios working to create a robust and connected ecosystem between the Switch and mobile versions of the MOBA. 

Unite won’t launch on mobile until September, with TiMi planning to have cross-play and cross-progression available from day one so players can seamlessly play on whatever platform they want.

With that connected ecosystem in mind, early information has revealed that players won’t need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play the game. It is unclear if this specifically means players won’t need the subscription to play with others on mobile, however, or it won’t be required at all for Unite

Regardless of how the Switch Online subscription requirements play out, players can use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or Nintendo account on either platform to share progress between devices.

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With that cross-progression, players can play with the same account on different devices and content purchased with gems will carry over between them, but any purchased gems won’t carry over. Unite will also feature in-game voice chat options, a native friend list, and more. 

All of this will be the base of TiMi’s growing Unite ecosystem as the game expands post-launch.