PMGC peaks at over 560,000 viewers

The previous record of 1.1 million peak viewers has been broken.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) season zero has broken the last viewership record of the game’s esports scene in just the first week.

The second day of the first super weekend peaked at 1,588,477 people, according to Esports Charts. This is much more than the previous record of 1.1 million peak viewers set during the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East earlier this year.

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The average viewership for the championship has been good too after four days of competition and over 24 hours of broadcast. According to Esports Charts, an average of 505,194 people have watched the stream. These statistics are based on data from Facebook, Nimo TV, Twitch, and YouTube. The PMGC is being broadcasted in 13 languages.

The impressive peak viewership has come even after teams from India, PUBG Mobile’s biggest region in terms of downloads, aren’t competing. The game was banned in the South Asian country last September due to alleged data security violations. The PMPL South Asia witnessed an 85-percent decline in viewership because of this. The growth of the game in the other regions and still considerable interest from India have managed to fill this gap in the viewership of the PMGC.

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The impressive numbers will definitely help propel the game to another great year in 2021, for which Tencent has big plans. The prize pool for PUBG Mobile esports in 2021 is $14 million. Several new Pro Leagues and Club Opens have also been introduced for the next year.

The league stage of the $2 million PMGC season zero will run until Dec. 20. The top 16 teams from here will advance to the PMGC Finals in January 2021.

Correction Dec. 1 12:15pm CT: Nimo TV’s viewership numbers were inaccurate, which initially led to Esports Charts showing the peak for this event to be at 1.58 million. Esports Charts now shows a total of 564,213 peak viewers for this event on Nov. 27. We regret this error. This article will be updated if more information about the viewership statistics becomes available.

Update Dec. 2 8:30am CT: Esports Charts provided the following statement to Dot Esports. “We noticed anomalous activity on the Nimo platform and temporarily removed the platform from the PMGC statistics. We are currently working on solving the issue with Tencent and Nimo.”