How to get a Rainy Lure in Pokémon Go

It's the perfect bait for Water-types and more.

Image via Niantic

Once you start taking a walk around your neighborhood, you’ll likely encounter more Pokémon than you can count in Pokémon Go. Ideally, you should have no issues catching new ones as you keep moving. But who doesn’t enjoy a PokéStop party with friends where you chill and keep catching Pokémon with the help of a Lure?

When the game was first released, there was only a single Lure that just increased the overall drop rate for Pokémon around the PokéStop. Over time, however, Niantic has added more Lures to the game—ones that cater to specific Pokémon. 

During events or just to complete certain entries in the Pokédex, players often find themselves trying to catch Pokémon from a given type. While you can go to specific parts of your town that are considered nests for those Pokémon, you could also pop a Lure to increase the spawn rate for their type.

The Rainy Lure was recently added to the family of type-specific Lures in Pokémon Go. It increases the drop rate for Bug, Electric, and Water-type Pokémon. Like other Lures in the game, you can get a hold of this item in a few different ways.

How to find a Rainy Lure in Pokémon Go

The simplest way to get yourself a Rainy Lure in Pokémon Go will be through purchasing one from the Pokémon Go shop for 200 PokéCoins. If you don’t have enough coins, you’ll either need to spend real-life currency to obtain some or try alternative ways that involve a bit of grinding.

You could also earn a Rainy Lure by completing research tasks during events. Since the Rainy Lure will go live with the Luminous Legends X event on May 4, chances are it’ll be available as a reward for one of the tasks in the event.

Though it may not always be a quest reward in future events, it’ll always be a decent idea to keep an eye on research task rewards whenever they’re available.