Full Delphox and Espeon movesets potentially leaked for Pokémon UNITE

Both Pokémon seem to have explosive offensive potential.

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Pokémon UNITE datamines are getting more thorough as time goes on, as just a few days after two new playable Pokémon were discovered in the game’s code, there is a full breakdown of what looks to be their movesets. 

Models, stats, and other details were previously datamined for both Espeon and Delphox, showcasing them as two new Attacker Pokémon that will likely be coming to the game over the next two months. 

Espeon had more complete code, as it is scheduled to release first on May 16. This included special Holowear, an avatar Fashion set, and a visual flair that will help players differentiate if the Eevee on a team will evolve into Espeon or Sylveon. 

Its moves do differentiate from Sylveon in several ways, though Swift is one of the starting movies for both evolution’s Eevee stage. Espeon’s Psyshock also looks to be more similar to Sylveon’s Mystical Fire than Gardevoir’s own Psyshock. The other starter move looks to be Screech, while the other choices for advanced moves may be Psywave, Psybeam, and Future Sight.

The Psychic-type’s Unite Move has a large area of effect and will likely deal damage while causing disruption to enemies within its reach. Eevee will evolve into Espeon at level four and has stats that actually appear to be slightly better than the other Eeveelution on paper without full context. 

Delphox will also be an early-evolving Pokémon, with Fennekin reaching Braixen at level four and hitting Delphox at level six. 

As Fennekin, players will pick between Ember and Will-O-Wisp as starting moves, holding onto both until they reach Delphox, and then choosing between two blazing iterations of Fire Blast and Mystical Fire. These iterations of the moves seem like they will do more damage than their counterparts available to Charizard and Sylveon. 

Fire Spin and Flame Charge are the other options for Delphox to grab, giving either an additional distance attack or a way to dash in and initiate on enemies. Some players have also pointed out that Delphox’s Unite Move looks somewhat similar to Braixen’s Burst Attack—Psyfirecracker.

Players will likely be waiting until June 9 to play as Delphox, but more details about both Pokémon should start coming out throughout May.

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