Espeon, Delphox, and lots of new Holowear discovered in Pokémon UNITE datamine

Two new Pokémon with more to come ahead of the next update.

Image via The Pokemon Company | Remixed by Cale Michael

Pokémon UNITE is getting one of its bigger updates later today as TiMi Studio rolls out Ranked Season 4 and the game’s seventh battle pass. And, along with that new seasonal content, tie-in events, and a patch, dataminers have pulled key information about upcoming playable Pokémon and Holowear being added to the game.

An earlier leak pointed to a few Pokémon that might be coming to the game, including Espeon, and Delphox. And now, both Espeon and Delphox have seemingly been confirmed for upcoming releases in May and June.

According to the data pulled by known UNITE dataminer ElChicoEevee, Espeon is already in the game’s code and has at least one Holowear already listed. This is because it will seemingly be the next Pokémon added to the game on May 16. It will also be an Attacker class, which brings the total number of Eeveelutions up to two so far and may point to more coming in the future. 

To differentiate the Eevee from each other, Espeon’s Eevee base form will have a special border so players know which one they are detailing with should they miss the loading screen icons. 

As for Delphox, it is also an Attacker and is currently set to release on June 9, according to leaks. Both Pokémon will cost 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems to obtain, though Espeon’s Unite License might be given out if the internal coin number, currently set to zero initially, is anything to go by.

In addition to two leaked playable Pokémon, we also got an early look at several new Holowear that should be released over the next few months. This includes items for Decidueye, Blissey, Duraludon, Duraludon, Greninja, Absol, Espeon, Aegislash, Aegislash, Tsareena, Dragonite, and Venusaur. 

Some of these items fit with previously released item set themes, while others are entirely new or play into the upcoming Japanese and cheery blossom-themed battle pass. Standouts include a Shogun-looking Absol, Samurai-style Greninja, Ninja Decidueye, and the first skins for both Aegislash and Duraladon.

These same leaks also point to Buzzwole arriving soon and Glaceon even potentially coming down the line. Nothing currently listed in the data supports this, however.

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