Can Tapu Koko be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Not now, but why not later.

Image via Niantic

Gen seven Pokémon are making their way to Pokémon Go with Season of Alola. While most trainers will be looking forward to expanding their Pokédex in the first couple of days, all the attention might switch to the Shiny variants.

While most Pokémon also have their Shiny forms, others may not be available as Shiny just yet. Niantic generally introduces new Shiny variants with events, meaning Pokémon that don’t have their Shiny forms may receive one in the future.

Shiny Pokémon tend to be rarer than regular variants, and it’s close to impossible to stumble upon them in the wild if they’re also not a common spawn.

Is Shiny Tapu Koko in Pokémon Go? Where can you find one?

At the time of writing, Tapu Koko doesn’t have a Shiny variant in Pokémon Go. Considering Shiny Tapu Koko doesn’t exist in Pokémon Go, players will need to wait for Niantic to release it at a later date.

Once Shiny Tapu Koko becomes available in Pokémon Go, players can increase their chances of capturing it by performing tasks or quests that can guarantee encounters with Tapu Koko. In most cases, Pokémon that fit this description become raid bosses during the release of their Shiny version, allowing players to get a handful of encounters throughout the release.

Players can keep track of the current Raid Bosses here and focus on adding the regular version of Tapu Koko to their Pokédexes.