Town Hall 13 is coming to Clash of Clans

Players will need to max out Town Hall 12 before they can upgrade.

Image via Supercell

After teasing fans about Town Hall 13 for the past few weeks, Supercell revealed today that it will be coming soon to Clash of Clans.

To upgrade to the Town Hall 13, players will have to completely max out their Town Hall 12, including the Giga Tesla. The theme of the Town Hall 13 update is “Dark Elixir and Ice,” so Supercell has asked fans to expect a darker and snowy vibe in the coming update.

Upgrading to the Town Hall 13 will unlock several new features that still haven’t been revealed. Supercell has asked fans to be on a lookout in the coming days to know what this is.

One of the most exciting features of Town Hall 13 is its new signature defense—the Giga Inferno. The functionality of the Giga Inferno is similar to a multi-mode inferno that will lock onto several targets and deal damage over time. When Town Hall 13 gets destroyed, the Giga Inferno explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

The Giga Inferno can be leveled up multiple times to increase its stats. Leveling up until level three is more rewarding. The explosion by a level three Giga Inferno will also cause a haze of ice around it which will slow down enemy units caught in it.