Hyderabad Nawabs wins Free Fire City Open (FFCO) India 2021

The team finished just one point ahead of second-placed Delhi Titans.

Image via Garena

Hyderabad Nawabs managed to narrowly win the Free Fire City Open (FFCO) India 2021 today after a consistent performance throughout the day. The team will get Rs. 1,500,000, equivalent to nearly $20,211, out of the $80,000 prize pool. 

Delhi Titans and Hyderabad sat just one point apart on the overall standings ahead of the final game. The decisive match on Kalahari saw both teams fall out in sixth and seventh place, respectively. Both teams earned six points from that match, however, with two kills in contrast with a single kill from Delhi.

This allowed Hyderabad Nawabs to finish at the top of the standings table with 73 points, just a single point ahead of Delhi. Third-place Lucknow Tigers weren’t far behind either, at 70 points. 

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Screengrab via Garena

Here are the overall standings of the FFCO 2021. 

  1. Hyderabad Nawabs (73 points)
  2. Delhi Titans (72 points)
  3. Lucknow Tigers (70 points)
  4. Mumbai Strikers (53 points)
  5. Punjab Panthers (52 points)
  6. Ahmedabad Lions (48 points)
  7. Lucknow Warriors (47 points(
  8. Kolkata Kings (41 points)
  9. Dehradun Wolves (40 points)
  10. Chennai Hunters (33 points)
  11. Chennai Conquerors (32 points)
  12. Vizag Victors (17 points)

The Free Fire City Open was a one-of-a-kind tournament with open qualifiers in eight Indian states. The winners in the regional finals for each state represented the capital city in the grand finals. The remaining four teams made their way through the play-ins and wildcard tournament.