How to watch the Clash Royale League June Monthly Final

Qualification points to the World Finals and $50,000 is up for grabs.

Image via Supercell

The third monthly final for the Clash Royale League is here. On June 19 and 20, eight players will be competing for a share of the $50,000 prize pool and qualification points to the 2021 World Finals. 

The players had to make their way through the season 23 trophy race and the qualifiers last week to reach the monthly final. 

There will be eight monthly seasons in the CRL 2021. Each of these will grant qualification points to the World Finals. After these eight seasons, the last chance qualifier will also be held to decide the 32 teams in the World Finals. The current leaderboard can be found here


  • The eight players will compete in a double-elimination bracket.
  • Each match will feature a best-of-three series in the duel mode. In this, players have to create four unique decks before a match commences. No deck can be used twice in the series. 

Players and Brackets

The eight players in the June monthly finals are as follows:

  • Viiper (France)
  • TQ Ruben (Spain)
  • STMN Lucas (Brazil)
  • KK199212 (Japan)
  • TRB Wallace (Brazil)
  • Surg TS (Brazil)
  • Kodigo (Colombia)
  • OS Tico (Brazil)
Image via Supercell

Points and prize money distribution

The distribution for the World Finals qualification points and prize pool is as follows:

  • First place: 100 points and $20,000
  • Second place: 70 points and $10,000
  • Third place: 50 points and $6,000
  • Fourth place: 50 points and $4,000
  • Fifth and sixth place: 35 points and $3,000 each
  • Seventh and eighth place: 35 points and $2,000 each


All matches will be livestreamed on the official Clash Royale Esports YouTube channel in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The stream will begin at 9am CT.