Here are all of Yelan’s abilities and talents in Genshin Impact

She offers a unique mix of her bow's precision and high mobility.

Image via miHoYo

While Genshin Impact fans are patiently waiting for the next major patch to hit the live servers, in Patch 2.7, which was delayed to May 31, more information was revealed about the upcoming five-star character: Yelan.

Yelan’s background, build, and abilities were detailed in a blogpost on May 25, alongside a video trailer to introduce her to players.

Many players are now eager to test out the character, as she will wield a bow and the Hydro element, similarly to Tartaglia. But according to her full list of abilities, she will feel very different in the game.

Here are all Yelan’s abilities and talents in Genshin Impact.

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Abilities and talents

Yelan’s abilities empower her bow attacks and apply the wet effect on her foes, and her talents offer numerous mobility opportunities. Her talents can be used in synergy with her various attacks for better results. Here is the list:


  • Normal Attack: her bow fires four consecutive shots.
  • Charged Attack: she performs a precise Aimed Shot for increased damage. When fully charged, the shot deals increased hydro damage.
  • Breakthrough state: allows the fully-charged Aimed Shot to have a 80 percent decreased charge time and fires a boosted shot with more damage based on her maximum HP.


  • Lingering Lifeline: triggers a dash that marks opponents on her path. When the effect ends, the Lifeline explodes and deals Hydro damage to the marked opponents, based on her maximum HP.
    • Tap: dashes forward.
    • Hold: gains swift movements and resistance to interruptions and earns 34 percent chance of getting a Breakthrough reset per foe marked by the Lifeline.
  • Depth-Clarion Dice: an AoE attack that deals Hydro damage and creates the “Exquisite Throw” effect.
    • Exquisite Throw effect: deals Hydro damage based on her maximum HP when triggered.
      • It can occur every second when Yelan uses her normal attack.
      • It can attack every time her Lifeline explodes on marked opponents.

Yelan will join the Genshin Impact roster on May 31, alongside Patch 2.7.