Everything you need to know about The New Beginning event in Free Fire

The event will celebrate the New Year.

Image via Free Fire

New Year’s Eve will bring a new beginning, but also a new event in Free Fire. The countdown to the event has already started and will kick off with the release of the new Bermuda map.

The new version of the Bermuda map will feature at least four new cities replacing old landmarks: Academy, Fisherman Creek, Hydrapower, and Yagami Garden. The game will likely reward players who test out the new version with special missions to complete during The New Beginning event.

Screengrab via Free Fire

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The event will follow the end of Magic X’Mas, which celebrates the Holiday season with a ton of missions to complete and rewards to earn, as well as exclusive-themed skins.

Here is everything you need to know about The New Beginning event in Free Fire.

Everything you need to know about The New Beginning event

Screengrab via Free Fire

The New Beginning event will kick off on Jan. 1 and will feature numerous missions throughout the month. Upon logging in, the players will earn XP, gold, and frag bonuses, as well as diamond cards.

A Bermuda remastered-themed interface will also be introduced and will last until Jan. 10, alongside the Bermuda 2.0 web event which will require a registration, and the Five days challenge with rewards including a parachute skin.

New challenges will launch on Jan. 8, rewarding players again for testing out Bermuda 2.0. The players will be able to complete the Discover the Map challenge to earn a diamond card and the After Match Drop. On Jan. 9, the Bermuda 2.0 challenge will reward players with a mysterious grenade.

Numerous bonus and special challenges have yet to be revealed and will offer a lot more ways for the players to upgrade their collection and get more items.

Fans already can download the Bermuda remastered map to be ready as soon as the update drops on Jan. 1. They can do it by tapping the small cloud button on the top of the screen of the game’s menu. Once they get in the Download Center, they can select the Bermuda Remastered pack. Its size surpasses 85 MB.