Everything you need to know about the Clash Royale League Asia S2

The league kicks off next week

Image via Supercell

The second season of the Clash Royale League Asia is beginning next week, and the groups for the event were recently selected.

The participating teams this season are the same as the last one. From Korea, we have DragonX, OGN ENTUS, SANDBOX Gaming, and OP GG Sports. PONOS, Game With, DetonatioN Gaming, and FAV Gaming will be representing Japan while Chaos Theory, KIX, Talon, and Bren Esports will be the SEA participants.

Out of these, Game With, OGN ENTUS, FAV Gaming, and OP GG Sports are fielding the same team as last season with no roster changes. The other teams have made at least one change, while Talon is seeing a big roster overhaul as they bring in three new players.

The regular season of the CRL Asia will run from Aug. 22 to Oct. 13 with matches being played every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will be followed by the playoffs beginning Oct. 19. The finals will then be played on Nov. 2. All matches will begin at 5am CT.

For the group selection process, the top-seeded teams decided who they wanted to play against in the group stage. The top four teams last season were divided into four groups. In turn, these teams chose one opposing team they wanted to play against in the group stage. Obviously, the top teams tried to pick the squads which they thought have weak rosters. The four teams who got picked then chose another four teams in each of the groups. The four groups were then merged into two based on a draw.

Screengrab via Clash Royale League Asia

The finalized groups for this season are as follows-

Group A

  1. PONOS
  2. Talon
  3. KIX
  4. Chaos Theory
  5. DetonatioN Gaming
  6. Dragon X

Group B

  1. GameWith
  2. SANDBOX Gaming
  4. Bren Esports
  5. FAV Gaming
  6. OP GG Sports

Unlike last season, this time the two groups will not play against each other. The regular season will have double round-robin within the same group. The playoffs will have a double-elimination bracket where the top four teams from each group will play in.

Matches will kick-off next Thursday at the Seoul OGN e-Stadium with the opening match between PONOS and Chaos Theory, a repeat of last season’s semifinals where the latter lost 2-0. Other matchups for the day include Talon-vs-DetonatioN Gaming and KIX-vs-DragonX. All macthes will be live-streamed on CRL Asia’s YouTube channel.

This is the last season of the Clash Royale League in 2019. Based on these results, teams will be selected to play in the Clash Royale League World Championship 2019, where top teams from CRL West and China will also be participating in. Currently, CRL China S2 is underway while details about the western region are awaited.