Everything you need to know about the 2021 Clash of Clans World Championship

A massive prize for a massive game.

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans isn’t going away in 2021. Supercell recently announced a $1 million prize pool for Clash Worlds 2021.

There are some serious changes being implemented to the competitive circuit this year, too, in an effort to improve and open up the scene to more players. 

This year, the road to Clash Worlds will run through six-monthly seasons, each being split into three different main stages—Clan War Leagues, a Monthly Pre-Qualifier, and a Monthly Qualifier. There will also be a Last Chance Qualifier that will give teams one last opportunity to grab a “Golden Ticket” and secure a spot in the World Finals.

Here’s how each of those events will work, including how the individual stages feed into each other as qualifiers. 

  • Clan War League
    • CWL is the first stage that will run the first 11 days of each month. 
    • Clans who finish in Champion Leagues 1 to 3 will be made eligible to sign-up for the Monthly Pre-Qualifier.
  • Monthly Pre-Qualifier
    • Clans that are eligible to sign-up for the MPQ will make teams of five players that will compete in a two-day, single-elimination tournament. 
    • Six teams will move on from the MPQ to the Monthly Qualifier.
    • The MPQ will run toward the middle of every season.
  • Monthly Qualifier 
    • The MQ is another two-day event that will be broadcast at the end of each month. 
    • Teams will compete in a best-of-one, double-elimination bracket, with the winning team earning a Golden Ticket and a spot in the World Finals. 
    • The second-place team will earn “Silver Ticket,” which automatically qualifies them for the Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Last Chance Qualifier 
    • The LCQ takes place at the end of the regular season once all of the MQ events have been completed. 
    • All six Silver Ticket winners from the monthly events and four Wildcard teams will compete in a single-elimination, winner takes all bracket with the top team advancing to the World Finals. 
  • World Finals
    • The top eight Clash of Clans teams in the world will come together to battle for their share of $1 million and the title of Clash Champion.

Overall, the top six teams in each of the MQ events will also receive a portion of the $1 million prize pool based on their placement. More details about the 2021 schedule will be released in the coming weeks.