New World disables family sharing to combat ‘bots, gold sellers, and ban evaders’

There will be further instructions for those using the service for its intended purpose.

Image via Amazon Games

The New World team is taking all precautions to try and limit the coin-selling problem plaguing the game. The latest move announced is to disable family sharing of the game for the immediate future.

For those who purchased New World on Steam, family sharing was an option that would allow multiple users to play on the same license but with their own account. This system has seemingly been abused by coin sellers to create new accounts and farm gold.

According to the announcement, the influx of gold sellers and ban evaders has prompted the team to take action, but for those who use the feature of family sharing for its intended purpose, there will be instructions shared in the future.

In the recently implemented update, 1.0.5 other measures were taken to deter gold selling. These included limiting the trading features on all characters until they’ve reached level 10 and have been around for at least 72 hours. Also, mission gold early was nerfed while late game gold was buffed so that players can’t create a character to quickly gain gold and sell it off as easily.

Also announced in the recent patch notes was news that bans had begun being rolled out to all those reported of coin selling and the team urged the community to continue reporting gold sellers as they are found.

Hopefully, a fix can be rolled out to stop the coin selling issue and family sharing can be reenabled once again in the near future.