Fastest way to reach level 90 in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker

Reach the max level first.

Image via Square Enix

The time of roulettes and FATE farm has returned in Final Fantasy XIV with the release of the latest expansion, Endwalker, earlier today.

Players can now enjoy new abilities and adjustments to their favorite jobs, as well as the new classes, Reaper and Sage, that they’ll be able to unlock at level 70.

Whether you want to reach level 90 first in your group or enjoy the main scenario quest using one of the new jobs, here are the fastest ways to level up in Endwalker.

Once per day: roulettes

In addition to giving good amounts of XP, roulettes allow players to enjoy random content that was previously released and reward many tomestones to help get better gear for the Reaper and Sage jobs, as well as others.

Players can play around 10 roulette duties per day for the bonus XP, but many choose to only play the main scenario quest roulette. Although they’re the longest duties available, lasting between 25 and over 45 minutes, they’re mostly composed of cutscenes that can allow you to do other things on the side and offer a massive amount of XP.

The other roulette that gives the most XP is the leveling one, getting players in a random dungeon.

If you’re playing a healing or DPS class, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to wait a long time before getting ready for a duty due to the number of players leveling Reaper and Sage jobs. The best solution, in this case, is to find friends or Free Company fellow members to help you out by getting into queues together.

The other thing that players can do every day to gain fast XP is complete Pixie beast tribe quests. The number of quests possible to complete resets every day and it gives a fair amount of XP in exchange for only a few minutes of your time. They can be unlocked in Il Mheg and completing quests will increase your reputation with the tribe, rewarding exclusive items such as the Porxie mount.

The Bozjan Southern Front

Bozja is the area related to Shadowbringers’ relic weapons, similar to Stormblood’s Eureka. The level is unique to the area, with a few different mechanics and various FATEs that regularly pop around Bozja. This method is most efficient until level 80. Then, dungeons can be quicker.

It’s the best way to gain XP quickly, especially when the areas are busy, because players can make the FATEs pop faster. In Endwalker, it’s going to be the busiest area for leveling. Here’s how to unlock it, if you haven’t already.

Farm the best dungeon possible

If you have a party of four friends who also want to level up fast, or you find one in the game’s Party Finder, it’s also possible to farm the best dungeon for XP. This can be the dungeon nearest to your job’s level.

With a premade party, you’ll likely execute the mechanics perfectly and finish them in no time.

Maximize your XP boosts

In addition to the main XP methods above, there’s a ton of little tips and means to get more XP fast. For one, the main scenario quest usually gives good XP, so make sure you always redeem the quests with a job that isn’t at max level.

Then, buy food, even the worst ones, to get the three-percent XP flat boost. The buff lasts for 30 minutes. Equip your gear that gives XP boost if you have some.

Turn in your bi-weekly Khloe’s Journals, earned and redeemed in Idyllshire, and complete your weekly challenge logs. They give significant amounts of XP without requiring too much time to be completed.