How to unlock the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV

This area follows its own rules, but you'll learn them in no time.

Image via Square Enix

Following the release of the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker, players will want to find better ways to earn XP and get their Sage or Reaper character to level 80 in no time.

Bozjan areas are the perfect solution for this, but players who finished Shadowbringers’ main scenario quest might have missed unlocking it. Here’s how to do that and earn that fast XP, Mettle, and gear.

How to unlock the Southern Front of Bozja in Final Fantasy XIV

Start the questline named Hail to the Queen in Kugane. If the blue sign doesn’t appear on the map and the NPC doesn’t give you anything, check if you already completed the quest in your menus or if you meet the requirements to unlock it. You’ll need to complete the post-main story quests of Shadowbringers.

Hail to the Queen is the first quest to unlock the Resistance weapons, which are Shadowbringers’ relics, and the Bozjan areas. You’ll get to Gangos from Doman Enclave’s harbor, the area containing all of that content, and will need to complete your first relic weapon to unlock the Southern Front of Bozja.

Don’t worry, though: You’ll only need to complete the first step rather than the whole grind to unlock Bozja. It’ll include the quests Hail to the Queen, Path to the Past, The Bozja Incident, and Fire in the Forge.

After getting your Resistance weapon, speak to the NPC Sjeros near the harbor and select “Enter the Bozjan Southern Front.” It’s a separate instance with another leveling system, so you’ll need to quit your party or duty queue to enter.

Then, you’ll have to gain levels and complete the quests in the area to unlock more parts of the map and get to the highest-level encounters.