Here are the best Legends of Runeterra decks to climb the ladder

Play the best decks and rank up like the rest.

Legends of Runeterra Heimerdinger
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra players are trying to climb the ranked ladder and maximize XP for the Weekly Vault by crafting the best decks in the meta.

It’s been nearly a week since Riot Games launched the LoR open beta and the EU region already has two players who have reached the Master tier in ranked. Within the last week, decks like Aggro Spiders and Midrange Elusive have flooded the LoR meta in ranked. But the metagame is far from fully developed, with new decks emerging every day. 

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Several streamers and content creators have been sharing their best LoR decks to climb the ladder, mostly focusing on aggro builds. But there are a couple of Midrange and Control decks worth trying, too. Since the LoR open beta launched last week, six players have already reached the Master tier rank, using a variety of creative decks.

Here are some of the best LoR decks that you should try out now.

Pokrovac’s World Master deck

Mikuláš “Pokrovac” Dio was the first player in the world to reach the Master tier in LoR. Although he used several decks to climb the ladder, his Elise and Darius build that took him to the top. 

The star of Pokrovac’s deck is Crowd Favorite, summoned with a +1/+1 for every alley and equipped with Overwhelm. But the deck succeeds because of its early aggro design, using one-drops like Precious Pet, Hapless Aristocrat, and Legion Rearguard. Frenzied Skitterer also clears a path to victory while curving into Crowd Favorite. 

Saucy Mailman’s budget Control

Unlocking every card from a net deck isn’t always possible and some players aren’t interested in climbing the ladder with an aggro deck. Saucy Mailman has a solution: craft a solid Control deck that uses a whole bunch of spells and Braum as champion. 

Braum is essentially the win-condition in conjunction with spells like Take Heart to pump up his power levels. The deck also uses cards like Cursed Keeper and Hapless Aristocrat for early offense and card draw. There are three copies of Vengence and Avalanche to Control the board state, too. 

This isn’t a quick deck by any means, but Saucy Mailman has put together a solid build that will hold its own against other Aggro and Midrange decks. It also doesn’t cost a whole bunch of wildcards to craft. 

Swim’s Chariot Aggro

Designed to outplay and win against Elusive decks that are running amok in the LoR meta, Swim’s deck is stacked with 11 one-drops and 14 two-drops. There’s a heavy amount of synergy between the cards, too. Early drops like Sparring Student and Greenglade Duo get pumped on turn four with Kinkou Wayfinder. Shark Chariot levels up Hecarim and can beat an opponent down quickly during the attack stage.

Card draw is important with an aggro build and Swim has three copies of Shadow Assassin to make sure his deck never loses tempo. She’s also an ideal blocker when matched up against Elusive decks. 

But one of the best cards in the deck is Navori Conspirator, an elusive who recalls an ally back to hand. An opening hand with Inspiring Mentor and Navori Conspirator pumps cards in hand multiple times, creating an early advantage over opponents. 

AskJoshy Poro Overwhelming

AskJoshy has crafted a solid build that uses Lonely Poro with champions Braum and Darius. Poro Overwhelming handles Elusive decks with cards like Stalking Wolf and Braum who’s been pumped with the spell Brothers Bond. 

On the top end, AskJoshy’s build uses two of the best Overwhelm cards in LoR. Scarmaiden Reaver has Regenerate and Overwhelm while Alpha Wildclaw blocks other huge supporters and deals massive amounts of damage when attacking. Early in the match, Omen Hawk is a solid one-drop to pump the team up while Avarosan Sentry keeps the tempo flowing with card draw. 

And then there’s Lonely Poro, who creates a one-drop random Poro in hand when he’s summoned. The deck has solid synergy and a good number of spells to keep other Aggro and Midrange decks at bay. 

MegaMowgai Heimerdinger Control

MegaMowgai has gone off the rails with his latest Heimerdinger Control deck, stacking his build with spells. The deck only has one follower, Corina Veraza, and Heimerdinger as the champion. Other similar builds are using Ezreal, but adding him as a champion is a trap, says MegaMowgai.  

Stacking his deck with all spells allows Corina Veraza to board wipe an opponent’s board and use her as a win condition. Building with all spells also helps protect Heimerdinger while taking advantage of unusable turrets with a spell such as Rummage. 

The deck holds up against Elusive builds and while competing against other Control and Aggro builds, too. It’s imperative, however, to aggressively mulligan opening hands for this deck to work—seeking Heimerdinger and spells like Mystic Shot and Thermogenic Beam. It’s necessary to hang onto spells until later in a match when they can be used to finish off an opponent, rather than just delaying damage. 

In his first match against an Aggro Spider deck, MegaMowgai took damage early on but came back to finish off the game with an overwhelming victory. He accomplished this by not being afraid to take damage while using his spell mana and Hemerdinger’s level up abilities. This isn’t a typical build but the deck is a blast to play and it’ll help you climb the LoR ladder. 

Petrify’s Petrify Ninjas

There are several versions of Petrify Ninjas ranking up the LoR ladder but they all have a similar foundation, using Zed and Braum as champions. The deck is essentially built to mirror Elusive builds while overpowering them over time. It’s also consistently good against Aggro builds. 

Braum is great on offense and defense and the goal is to level him up as quickly as possible while Zed causes early-game damage to an opponent’s Nexus. But the stars of this build aren’t champions, they’re the followers. Omen Hawk and Inspiring Mentor are excellent early drops, curving into a Navori Conspirator on turn two. 

Kinkou Lifeblade is a necessary four-drop that allows you to take early damage. He also helps keep you alive long enough to finish off the match with finishers like Avarosan Heathguard or followers like Scarmaiden Reaver and Alpha Wildclaw.