Here are the best Legends of Runeterra decks to climb the ladder

Play the best decks and rank up like the rest.

Legends of Runeterra Heimerdinger
Image via Riot Games

It’s been just under a week since Riot officially released Legends of Runeterra out of open beta with a global mobile launch and the Rising Tides expansion, and players are ranking up the ladder quickly.

Multiple pro scene players and streamers have already reached Master; including Mikulas “Pokrovac” Dio, who hit Master as the first in the world, again. And just a few days later, Pokrovac reached the rank in the North American region. Streamer and pro player, Gummi, summed up Pokrovac’s climb to Master best on Twitter by asking the CCG mastermind if he ever slept. 

Despite Pokrovac reaching Master first in the world, dozens of other players across all three LoR regions have accomplished the amazing feat of reaching the Master tier in less than a week since launch. Ranking up the ladder requires skill and time, but it also requires playing a consistent deck that you know inside and out. Here are several decks that have helped players climb the LoR ranked ladder, from Aggro and Midrange, to Control. 


Aggro builds in LoR are great for climbing the ladder because they often have decent win percentages while taking less time to play, compared to most Midrange and Control decks. 

Horny Dragon Aggro

Image via Decks of Runeterra

Created by Starkoss, Horny Dragon Aggro is all about pinging your opponent for damage and surviving until turn six while Shiraza, Zed, and Horny Dragon are your powerhouses. If you want to burn an opponent while hitting their Nexus with Double Attack and Overwhelm, Horny Dragon Aggro is the way to roll up the ladder. 


Iceborn Spiders

Image via Decks of Runeterra

For new or LoR open beta players who haven’t unlocked a bunch of cards yet, Iceborn Spiders is an easy and consistently good deck to play. Either overwhelm your opponent by going-wide early or let your units die to fuel the stats on They Who Endure. And if overwhelm doesn’t finish them off, Atrocity on They Who Endure will. 

This version of Iceborn Spiders was created by FAir Jordans, who climbed the LoR ladder from Plat four to Diamond four with only five losses. 



Midrange decks make up a majority of builds in LoR, and are able to pick apart Aggro while outracing Control before an opponent pops it off with their finisher. 

Bannerman Scout 

Legends of Runeterra Bannerman Midrange deck by Pokrovac
Image via Decks of Runeterra

Pokrovac was the first LoR player in the world to hit the Master tier, playing this version of Bannerman Scout. Led by Miss Fortune and Quinn, it’s a variation of the old Demacia build that utilizes Bannerman Vanguard. An alternative to Pokrovac’s version is to cut one copy of Citrus and Radiant Strike, adding Unyielding Spirit in their place.


Fuze’s One Punch Man

Legends of Runeterra Fuze’s One Punch Man
Image via Mobalytics

Utilizing Draven and Lee Sin, Fuze created a deadly combo by placing Elixir of Wrath and Might on a leveled-up Lee Sin for 20 unhealable damage. Draven is an ideal champion in any Aggro and Midrange build while Lee Sin is a great finisher. And Fuze’s One Punch Man is a blast to play.



It typically takes a few weeks before a Control deck establishes itself in the meta. But with the release of Rising Tides in LoR, Sea Monsters was climbing the ladder almost immediately. 

Sea Monsters

Legends of Runeterra Sea Monsters deck by BBG
Image via Decks of Runeterra

Created by BruisedByGod (BBG), Sea Monsters stalls a match via self-mill until Deep is reached. You then drop Nautilus, followed by Maokai, to finish an opponent off. Like most Control builds, Sea Monsters takes time and strategy to play, but the win percentage is worth the effort.