Forge support confirms Ornn as next Legends of Runeterra champion in Awakening expansion

Get ready to Forge with Ornn.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games steps up expansion releases through Awakening, teasing the fifth champion in today’s Legends of Runeterra spoilers. 

Scheduled to release on Aug. 31, the Awakening expansion will contain a total of five LoR champions getting added to the digital card game. Riot has already shown that the Awakening expansion is unlike any other before it, from the exclusive reveal of Norra to the addition of Equipment and Kayn. But one more champion remains, with today’s LoR spoilers featuring Forge support, confirming Ornn. 

Forge is a new mechanic in LoR that grants an ally +1/+1. If the ally is Equipped, the Equipment is granted +1/+1 stats instead. Contained on Jax’s champion spell, Forge may support Ornn as well.

Similar to the Jax teasers, today’s LoR spoilers contained a follower whose flavor text confirms that Ornn is the next Awakening champion within the Freljord region. 

“Ornn made the living Forge many, many years ago, and only went looking for it recently. He never once thought it might go looking for a new owner and wander off on its own,” said the flavor text from Weaponsmith’s Apprentice.

Flavor text from Favored Artisan and Hearthblood Mender also mentioned Ornn, while the spell Time and Dedication uses a direct quote from the Artifact Forger himself. 

“You may be worthy of this. Do not prove me wrong,” Said Ornn.

A total of five followers, one spell, and one Equipment were in today’s Awakening spoilers. Each of the five followers supports the Forge mechanic in various ways, while Combat Cook synergizes with Jax through the Improvise mechanic.

Favored Artisan seems like a solid two-drop with 1/4 stats to slow down Aggro decks while creating a Time and Dedication in hand, a one-drop Focus spell that will Forge an ally upon getting played. 

Demacian Steel was the Equipment spoiler, providing +1/+1 stats for one mana. And Heathblood Mender has potential as a five-drop 5/5  that heals your Nexus three and triggers a Forge on an ally upon getting played.

Players can test out all the new LoR cards and Awakening champions on Aug. 31.