Kayn joins Legends of Runeterra, new card type coming in Awakening expansion

The weak fear the shadows.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s Awakening will introduce Kayn to the game as one of five new champions coming in the expansion.

The expansion reveal stream also highlighted a new card type: equipment. This mechanic is heavily represented in Kayn’s design.

Equipment will be available in every region and work similar to attachments, giving stats and keywords to the cards they’re attached to.

Equipment cards are not standalone units. They can be played with spell mana but will pass priority. Equipment cards can be unequipped but won’t be able to be played next round. If an ally that’s equipped dies, the equipment will go back to your hand. Units can’t double up on equipment.

Some units will have the ability auto-equip. This means a specific item is automatically equipped to the unit from hand, play, or is created if needed.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/legendsofruneterra

Kayn is a five-cost 2/5 champion with challenger. He comes with the origin The Shadow Reaper. This origin lets the player put any Cultist cards into the deck during deckbuilding. When you have summoned three or more different Cultist units, you draw a Kayn. 

  • Kayn level one: Auto-Equip The Darkin Scythe. When I kill an enemy, heal me two. 
  • Level up condition: I’ve struck twice. When I level up, Recall me.
  • Kayn level two: Play: Transform me and all copies of me into Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin.

Level one Kayn equips The Darkin Scythe, which grants +1/+0 on attack. 

Reflecting the decision League of Legends players face, when Kayn levels up, he is recalled and becomes a zero-cost. When he’s played, the player has the option to pick between two variations. If Kayn dies as Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin, he’ll need to be cast again for the full cost.

Rhaast is a five-cost 3/6 with overwhelm and challenger. He auto-equips the Corrupted Scythe. When he kills an enemy, fully heal it and your Nexus by two. Corrupted Scythe is a piece of equipment that gets +1/+1 on attack.

The Shadow Assassin has the same stats as a five-cost 3/6 but has elusive and challenger. It auto-equips Shadow Scythe. Shadow Scythe is an equipment that gets +2/+0 on attack.

This choice lets players pick the best option for their given situation and can greatly inform deckbuilding.

Rhaast is more of a bruiser that can dominate combat and force favorable trades. It could be worth it to pair Demacia or Freljord cards with Rhaast.

The Shadow Assassin acts as a strong finisher with a hard-hitting equipment and the elusive keyword. An all-in elusive deck with some Targon protection could be an excellent shell to support The Shadow Assassin.