IGotUrPistola’s controller layout and settings for Halo Infinite

Claim the magic for yourself.

Photo via HCS

Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese is one of the most prolific and accomplished Halo pro players of all time with a decade-long résumé of collecting trophies and making magic. Over the years, his ability to create something out of nothing in-game has earned him the nickname “The WIZARD.” And now, he’s magically returned to OpTic ahead of the 2022 HCS season and the start of the Halo Infinite era.

Listed as the No. 4 Halo pro of all time by the HCS, Pistola isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, helping OpTic win both Open Series events prior to a deep run at the Kickoff Major in Raleigh.

Want to see if you’ve got the magic touch, too? Here’s the controller layout and in-game settings for iGotUrPistola.

Pistola’s controller layout

Pistola uses a customized version of the Legacy layout, with the inputs for Crouch/Slide and Sprint switched to emulate how he played in Halo 5: Guardians. Here are his full controls:

  • Fire Weapon – Right Trigger
  • Grenade – Left Trigger
  • Use Equipment – Left Bumper
  • Melee – Right Bumper
  • Zoom – Click Right Stick
  • Sprint – B Button
  • Reload/Interact – X Button
  • Jump – A Button
  • Switch – Y Button
  • Crouch/Slide – Click Left Stick

Pistola’s settings – FOV, sensitivity, etc.

Here are Pistola’s sensitivity settings for controller in Halo Infinite.

  • Look Acceleration: 2
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 8
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 8
  • Center Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 0
  • Max Input Threshold (Look and Move Thumbstick): 10
  • Axial Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 12

In contrast to some of the other pros we’ve covered, Pistola has considerably higher sensitivity ratings for both horizontal and vertical aiming. Like Snip3down, his Max Input Threshold is considerably higher than others as well with it remaining at the default in-game setting. He keeps his Center Deadzone low to get more responsiveness but keeps the Axial Deadzone high to reduce drift.

Pistola uses a 104-degree angle for his Field of View rating.