What is the weekly Ultimate Reward in Halo Infinite?

Grind out some challenges, get some free loot.

Halo Infinite season two visor.
Image via 343 Industries

The Halo Infinite challenge system is a core part of how Spartans earn the XP necessary to level up their battle passes throughout the season. But beyond just XP, Halo Infinite adds an additional reward to incentivize players to complete weekly challenges: the Ultimate Reward.

Players who complete all of their challenges in any given week and then finish a final capstone challenge can earn a free piece of cosmetic loot.

The free reward rotates every week, and only rarely do these cosmetics have the chance to return at a later date. If an Ultimate Reward catches your eye, it’s important to log on and get to grinding before you miss your opportunity to add it to your collection.

Halo Infinite weekly Ultimate Reward (Sept. 26, 2023)

The Halo Infinite sniper rifle is floating in the weapon armory inspection screen. The main body is painted with a light gray camo pattern, while additional components such as the scope and bipod are red.
A new coat of paint for the Sniper Rifle is always appreciated. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This week’s Ultimate Reward in Halo Infinite is a new weapon coating for the Sniper Rifle: Solarian Legend. This coating has been offered in the past as an Ultimate Reward but for the Rocket Launcher last time around. A Sniper Rifle coating is ultimately going to be a more desirable freebie to chase for the majority of players, and the simplistic gray, black, and red color palette will appeal to players wanting more grounded aesthetics for their guns. Make sure to scoop this up before it goes away again next Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Halo Infinite is now in its fourth season, Infection, and the loot pool of available Ultimate Rewards in rotation has been updated with a plethora of new goodies to lock down. Some are even inspired by the seasonal aesthetic of fighting the undead and infectious containment.

The developers said they want to continue to make the value of the Ultimate Rewards greater, focusing more on new coatings, visors, and similar cosmetics that players want above all else. The rewards are also now easier to obtain thanks to the number of weekly challenges being trimmed down from 20 to 10.

The weekly Ultimate Reward can be anything, ranging from weapon coatings and player stances to charms and new Spartan armor coatings.

343 said before season two’s launch, it wanted Halo Infinite‘s Ultimate Rewards to feel like a worthy prize for the time invested into the weekly challenges, and the devs have made strides to make the rewards more regularly impactful in Lone Wolves—fewer emblems and backdrops, more of the stuff players want.

During events such as Fractures or seasonal celebrations, the weekly reward can also be themed around that event, whether that’s armor pieces or coatings specific to a core introduced through the Fracture or just a weapon charm inspired by iconography from that event.

Complete all of your weekly challenges and the capstone challenge prior to the daily reset on Tuesdays at 1pm CT to acquire the Ultimate Reward.

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