HCS Pro League Week 2 Predictions

Who do we have winning this week's matches?

Zachery Chevere  -  a month ago

Str8 Rippin returns to Halo with a new roster

This well-known organization is back in Halo, even though it's not in the pro league.
Zachery Chevere - a month agoHalo

Don’t believe the rumors about the next Halo title—there's no sign it's coming anytime soon

A recent Reddit post falsely hints at a new Halo installment for 2018.
Zachery Chevere - a month agoHalo

Naventic’s owner and CEO: “We're looking to stay in Halo for years and years to come”

With Naventic entering the Halo scene this late in Halo 5’s lifetime, what are the orgs plans for the future?
Zachery Chevere - a month agoHalo

HCS Pro League Week 1 Predictions

Who will be the winner of this week’s pro league?
Zachery Chevere - a month agoHalo

Ninja on the state of Halo esports: “It’s a joke”

One of the biggest Halo personalities will not be competing for the foreseeable future.
Preston Byers - a month agoHalo

HCS eliminates relegation and makes major changes to DreamHack Denver's prize pool distribution

The fall season of the Halo Championship Series will feature some big alterations.
Preston Byers - a month agoHalo

Camo, Energy Sword, and Beam Rifle to receive weapon tunings in Halo 5’s next update

These updates are sure to impact the gameplay on many maps.
Zachery Chevere - a month agoHalo

Oxygen Supremacy CEO: “It was best to end the brand so that all members can explore their options”

Oxygen Supremacy CEO Bryan “Syncrohs” Truong explains why the organization shut down.
Zachery Chevere - 2 months agoHalo