All Halo Infinite campaign unlocks for multiplayer

Playing the campaign will get you some goodies for multiplayer.

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was released earlier than the campaign mode, which was a nice surprise for fans looking to hop into the action. While players were getting used to the latest title in the franchise in November, its campaign mode launched on Dec. 8.

Featuring an open world, Halo Infinite’s campaign mode is looking to convince even the most diehard multiplayer fans to try it out. Not only will fans immerse themselves in a thrilling storyline, but they can also unlock cosmetics to use on the game’s multiplayer mode. 

These cosmetics are scattered around the map in the form of Mjolnir Armor Lockers. There are 34 of them on the map. They can give you a plethora of rewards, including emblems, charms, and coatings for weapons, vehicles, and armor.

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Here are all the Halo Infinite campaign unlocks for multiplayer. 

  • Banished: Armor Emblem 
  • Banished: Spartan Emblem
  • Banished: Weapon Charm
  • Banished: Weapon Emblem 
  • Banished Deception: Armor Coating 
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M12 Warthog
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M12R Rocket Hog
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M15 Razorback
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M290 Mongoose
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M290-M Gungoose
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M290-M Gungoose
  • Banished Deception: Vehicle Coating – M808 Scorpion
  • Blood Shadow: Armor Coating
  • Crimson Vettel: Armor Coating 
  • Dogfight Makovich: Armor Coating
  • Dogfight Makovich: Vehicle Coating – AV-49 Wasp 
  • Dog tags: Weapon Charm
  • Griffin: Armor Emblem
  • Griffin: Spartan Emblem 
  • Griffin: Weapon Emblem
  • Infinity: Armor Emblem
  • Infinity: Spartan Emblem
  • Midnight Griffin: Armor Coating 
  • Obelisk Stone: Armor Coating
  • Olympic: Stance
  • Scorpion Horvath: Armor Coating
  • Shadow Sorel: Armor Coating
  • Warmaster’s Prize: Weapon Coating – BR75 Battle Rifle
  • Warmaster’s Prize: Weapon Coating – CQS48 Bulldog
  • Warmaster’s Prize: Weapon Coating – M41 SPNKr
  • Warmaster’s Prize: Weapon Coating – MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Warmaster’s Prize: Weapon Coating – VK78 Commando
  • Wild Kovan: Armor Coating
  • Windfall: Armor Emblem
  • Windfall: Spartan Emblem


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