Halo Infinite ranking system explained

Play with high stakes.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

The next era of Halo multiplayer is here following the surprise announcement of the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta on Nov. 15. Players have access to the classic modes and new maps before the game’s Dec. 8 full release and all their progress will carry over.

This includes their ranked progress. Players can access the Ranked Arena immediately and play ranked matches of Slayer, CTF, Oddball, and Strongholds.

Here’s how the ranking system works in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite ranks

There are five sets of ranks in Halo Infinite: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx. Each set (except for Onyx) has six ranks, ranging from I to VI.

Halo Infinite S1 ranked emblems and nameplates
Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

All players will play 10 placement matches to get their starting rank.

Halo Infinite ranked settings

There’s an open queue and a solo/duo queue. Open queue lets you play in a player pool with either controller or mouse/keyboard inputs and allows you to queue with a full fireteam of four. Solo/duo queue requires you to select a specific input.

Here are the gameplay settings for all ranked matches:

  • All players start with BR75 Battle Rifle.
  • Combat Sensor disabled.
  • Friendly fire on.
  • Grenade hitmarkers disabled.
  • Static items spawns.