How much does the Halo Infinite battle pass cost?

You don't have to pay, but you'll get a lot more if you do.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer was released early in celebration of Xbox’s recent anniversary. And while you don’t technically need to pay to play, there’s some premium content many gamers will at least consider purchasing.

Using a battle pass system, Halo Infinite will reward players with a plethora of in-game goodies as they rank up during season one: Heroes of Reach.

While players can earn some rewards from leveling up without paying anything, they’re highly incentivized to purchase the game’s premium version of the battle pass, which gives players significantly more rewards for ranking up.

The premium battle pass in Halo Infinite costs 1,000 in-game credits. A premium battle pass bundle costs 2,800 credits.

The more expensive option gives players a notable jump start to their battle pass experience, pushing them through the first 25 levels of the pass without having to play a game.

In-game credits can be purchased for real money, and depending on how many credits you get, the cost per credit is reduced.

To get the premium battle pass, 1,000 credits will cost $9.99. Players can purchase more credits at a discounted rate as well. The cheapest option is the most expensive, but it’s a bulk deal of 11,500 credits for $99.99.

The first Halo Infinite season will be longer than 343 Industries originally indicated seasons will last. The developer announced last week that the season will run until May 2, 2022. This means players will have more than five months to level up through the season’s ranks.

While Infinite’s multiplayer mode is technically in beta, progress made right now will carry over once the game is officially released in December.