Halo Infinite campaign gameplay overview coming later today

Don't miss a look at what's to come.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo fans are set to get a new look at the upcoming Halo Infinite campaign mode during a special presentation later today.

Not a whole lot of details have been revealed to date regarding the campaign mode in this highly anticipated new entry to the Halo franchise, nor have players had the chance to test it out for themselves.

The presentation will kick off at 8am CT and can be watched on the Halo YouTube channel here. Little hints have been given at what specifics will be shown off, aside from the fact it will focus solely on the game’s campaign mode.

Multiplayer is something that has been showcased extensively, and hands-on opportunities have been provided to players in multiple stages leading up to launch. While we don’t expect the same to be done for the campaign, there will most definitely be new footage shown.

Halo Infinite is currently scheduled to launch on Dec. 8, but this release will only be the multiplayer and single-player campaign components of the game. The co-op campaign isn’t set to launch until early 2022, and perhaps this upcoming presentation will reveal more details of this release, or even a potential release date.

Last week, Halo gave fans some insight into how the game will run for those who plan on playing on PC, with a video shared to their channel. A new AMD Radeon graphics card was also revealed, themed after Halo Infinite.