New details about Halo Infinite on PC revealed

PC players get some details about their experience prior to launch.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite developers have released a PC overview video that tells players about how the game was built to be a great PC experience.

Halo has long been a franchise that was only released on Xbox consoles. But now that the game is also being released on PC, there are a lot of things the developers have to think about. Details about what PC players will experience were revealed and there’s a lot for PC players to be excited about.

Image via Xbox

Some of the biggest features that the team released include support for ultra-wide monitors, the ability to play on LAN, and Razer Chroma RGB effects. They’re also releasing a new graphics card that features some Halo Infinite art. Fans can enter to win one between now and launch. Details on how to enter will be released later today.

In-game, players will be able to customize everything they see. The devs have included a range of settings that will allow players to choose how they see the world of Infinite. Things such as field-of-view adjustments, UI customization, framerate customization, and advanced graphics settings will allow players to tailor their experience and be able to balance performance versus visuals.

For those interested in ranked, there will be three different ranked experiences: controller, mouse and keyboard, and cross-play. Players who are playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard will be locked into those ranked modes, but anyone can opt into cross-play, which will feature a pool of players who are playing on either.

Halo Infinite releases on Dec. 8 and will only feature a multiplayer mode and a single-player campaign, with co-op campaign and forge mode coming later in 2022.