A soldier holding a rifle walks through an old bunker in Gray Zone Warfare.
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Gray Zone Warfare Check Out Computers quest guide: Where to find computer intel in GZW

Secure these computers and exit the bunker.

Lab Rat needs your help again in Gray Zone Warfare: There’s information on a small cluster of computers she needs you to check. You can find these computers at the Soviet bunker you’ve been investigating, and they should have a particular set of intel on them.

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The intel you need to find will be heavily guarded. You can expect to encounter multiple NPCs at this location, and other players are likely wandering around. You’ll want to avoid them as much as possible in Gray Zone Warfare, and make sure you securely grab the intel before returning to Base Camp.

Here’s how to complete the Check Out Computers mission in Gray Zone Warfare.

Where to find the computer’s intel for Check Out Computers in Gray Zone Warfare

YTL-1 Location on Gray Zone Warfare map
Head into the bunker, and make your way down to the lower levels. Screenshot by Dot Esports

For the Check Out Computers quest in Gray Zone Warfare, go to YBL-1, the large bunker you discovered south of Fort Narith. You need to make your way inside the bunker and dive into the lower levels of the establishment.

As you might expect from this location, multiple NPCs guard this area. These guards have more armor than the enemies you were fighting closer to your Base Camp, which means you want to bring some of your best gear and weapons. If you’re not dealing with the NPCs, expect other players to wander around this area. I typically find one or two enemy squads attempting to grab my stuff while I’m out on missions, which keeps me on my toes. I had trouble moving through this area during the Save the Rebellion and Duty to the Country quests.

Communication Room written on bunker wall in Gray Zone Warfare
You’ll know you’ve discovered the correct room when you find the Communication Room writing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When you reach the bunker, head down to the lowest level and look for a room that says Communication Room. This area is dark, and it could be challenging to read the walls, but it should be in red paint. Look for the desk full of old computers. After you find this room, head inside and look at the table on your left.

Computer Intel on table in Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the Computer Intel as a pile of floppy disks on the table. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You should see a small pile of floppy disks on the table, and you can interact with them. You need to grab this computer intel and what Lab Rat is looking for. Place them inside your SafeLock container to ensure you don’t lose them if you die getting out of the bunker, forcing you to try this mission again in Gray Zone Warfare.

The final step is to return to Base Camp and turn in the quest to Lab Rat. She’ll be thrilled you were able to secure the intel and reward you for your troubles.

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