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Fortnite’s new Shield Bubble can be used on vehicles

A new rotation meta could be upon us.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite community has already found incredible ways to use the new Shield Bubble item that was introduced in today’s v10.20 update

The Shield Bubble acts as a makeshift barrier so enemies can’t shoot you or deal any damage from outside of the bubble. The highly-controversial B.R.U.T.E mechs can’t even damage the player using rockets. And the Shield Bubble can stick to vehicles, giving players an easy way to rotate into the circle without being attacked.

Players should be wary of using this method, though. Enemies can still deal damage to you if they move inside of the bubble. Some people in the Fortnite community have even tested the Shield Bubble and Hoverboard combination to travel quickly and safely around the map. It seems like the bubble can go airborne using the Hoverboard, allowing for extra protection regardless of positioning. 

Avid fans and competitors alike have been critical of the recent changes to Fortnite. This introduction seems reminiscent of the Ballers, which allowed players to navigate the map with ease without being damaged. Now, players can travel around even faster by using a Hoverboard and they’ll only get damaged if players are inside the bubble. 

Before turbo building received a nerf today, tunneling was the safest way to rotate. The competitive meta may now shift toward the usage of the Shield Bubble and Hoverboard combination for players trying to rotate as effectively and safely as possible.