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Fortnite pickaxe bug will be fixed next patch, Epic says

Console players already have enough to worry about.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is addressing a pickaxe bug in Fortnite’s next patch.

The glitch, which appears to be affecting console players only, has been causing pickaxe hits to not register while farming materials. The chances of it happening are slim and it only seems to happen on weak points, but it’s still an annoyance nonetheless.

The bug has been the most devastating in late-game scenarios or one-vs-one situations. In crossplay, where PC players already have a building and aim advantage, it adds insult to injury. Even if the bug negates just one hit, it could be the difference between life and death. 

The bug hasn’t been around for too long, however, and Epic is actively looking to fix it. On Fortnite’s Trello board, Epic placed the bug as a top priority and proposed to fix it in time for the next release. It’s unclear whether it will be solved in a hotfix or if console players will have to wait for the next patch. But either way, it looks like it’ll be fixed soon.

The latest Fortnite patch has been a rocky one, plaguing the game with bugs left, right, and center. In addition to the irritating pickaxe bug, there’s been a wall phasing issue, a boat glitch, and a launchpad malfunction

The onslaught of bugs could have something to do with the game’s new Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system. The update has supposedly made Fortnite more realistic-looking, adding improved visuals and softer structures. But it hasn’t been without its issues.

Epic is well aware of this and has even reached out to the community to ask for feedback.