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Fortnite players discover launch pad glitch

Another bug is plaguing Fortnite fans.

Image via Epic Games

Launch pads made their return in the latest Fortnite update, but fans of the battle royale have since encountered a few bugs when attempting to take flight. One Reddit user uploaded a clip in which they place a launch pad only for it to be obstructed by an object and fail to propel the player into the air.

The player attempted to make an escape using the item, but the bug prevented the item from working properly, which led to the player’s death.

Launch pads were unvaulted in the V11.50 update and provide players with a way to travel around the map quickly. Other ways to rotate have been introduced in the past but are all currently unavailable in game. The unvaulting of the launch pads allows players more mobility and adds variety to firefights, but only if they work correctly.

Launch pads originally destroyed objects they were placed over and were not obstructed by debris. The glitch limits the viability of the launch pad and can be a major problem if it’s not fixed soon. The player who posted the clip was playing on an Xbox One X, so it might only be a problem exclusively on the Microsoft console.

The launch pad glitch is not the first bug players have experienced recently. Epic Games added the Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system in a recent update, which resulted in new bugs cropping up. Epic provided players with a way to easily report bugs due to the update, so they are at least aware there are problems in the game.

Players can visit the Fortnite Trello board to see what bugs and glitches have been reported.

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