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Fortnite players discover dangerous boat glitch

The Gorgeous Gorge has never been so dangerous.

Image via Epic Games

The boats in Fortnite are a useful method of transportation, but they also possess the hidden ability to eliminate players following the discovery of a new glitch. 

A Reddit user found this dangerous glitch earlier today when they were teaming up with friends in Fortnite. The player, alongside the rest of their squad, was planning on diving down a waterfall on their boat to travel the map at breakneck speed. But their match ended quicker than expected. 

When the boat fell into the stream below, it capsized, sending all players underneath the map and eliminating each one shortly after. This glitch occurred more than once, according to the Reddit user, suggesting that it could be due to a game mechanic rather than a non-recurring bug. 

Although it’s unclear what caused the glitch, it was likely due to the momentum of the boat when falling off the waterfall. When the boat tried to kick the players out, it may have accidentally sent them into the void, killing them almost instantly because there could be a death barrier underneath the world. 

For most players, though, boats are completely safe. This bug was found on Xbox, meaning that it’s unlikely to occur on other platforms such as PC or other consoles. 

Bugs and glitches tend to be fixed relatively quickly. Epic Games recently patched the phasing glitch today, which allowed players to walk through walls by standing in the middle of a build during its formation.

Players can stay up to date with all known issues and bugs in Fortnite by using the official Trello board