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FN cave
Screenshot by Dot Esports

5 Fortnite easter eggs and secret locations to check out before Chapter 5 season 2 ends

Last chance to check them out.

We’re all excited for Chapter Five, season three to begin in Fortnite. But before the wasteland takes over the map, there are a few easter eggs and secret locations from the current season you might want to check out.

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Ever since Epic Games decided to send every Fortnite fan into a fan frenzy after tweeting a thumbs-up and a wink emoji, I haven’t stopped thinking about the Fallout x Fortnite collab. That said, there’s a part of me that will sorely miss the Greek statues, useless medallions, and deadly landmarks of season two. That’s why I’ll show you the best easter eggs and locations from Fortnite Chapter Five, season two in this guide, so we can all wave them goodbye.

Secret Coral Cave

The Secret Coral Cave is Fortnite‘s most well-hidden secret location in Chapter Five, season two. And since you can’t use the current island on Creative Modes, it remained hidden for a very, very long time. It wasn’t until the Avatar The Last Airbender x Fortnite collab that people started noticing this area much more thanks to the Water temple that was placed nearby.

If you head to the center-east end of the map, stand on the stores, and look to the mountains behind you, you can spot a tiny secret cave. Follow it and break the rocks blocking the way to find a secret cove full of treasures. That said, this is not the place you come for looking for loot. You’ll likely drop by from time to time to enjoy the scenery and the music.

Coral Buddies on the Mount Olympus statue’s sword

Two Coral Buddies seem to have escaped the secret Coral cave. Don’t ask Epic Games how, but they’ve made it all the way to the top of the statue on Mount Olympus. Ever since the beginning of Fortnite Chapter Five, season two, they’ve been hanging out on the Statue’s sword. If you’ve watched the live event for season three, then I’m sure you’re worried about their safety. They’re completely fine, and you can check it out for yourself.

The fastest way to get to the Mount Olympus statue sword is to land there directly from the bus. Alternatively, you can try your luck with a pair of Wings of Icarus or climb the mountain on foot.

Tomato Island

We covered the best places to land in Fortnite Chapter Five, season two pretty early into the season. That said, now that we’re nearing the end of the season, I don’t think any other place holds a candle to Tomato Island. And now that it’s likely going to become a desert, postapocalyptic wasteland when season three drops, I can let you in into my little secret.

If you land on Tomato Island, you can fill your inventory with green, blue, and sometimes even purple weapons. When you’ve already depleted this area of loot, just head through the blue Port-A-Potty to teleport to a ship full of shields. Once you—and your team if you’re into squads—are ready to go, head back through the Port-A-Potty and use the cable to reach the mountain to the east. Here’s another Port-A-Potty that takes you directly into the secret weapon vault northeast of Classy Courts.

Abandoned Airstrip

The Abandoned Airstrip may not be the best secret location in Fortnite Chapter Five, season two. That said, it’s a pretty decent location that people rarely land in. That means you can safely pay this aptly named location a visit, crack some chests open, and take your leave with a full inventory and a fully restocked shield bar.

There’s a conveniently placed parking lot to the east, so you can grab a Sports Car on the way out and head to Snooty Steppes to get some extra loot or Fencing Fields if you’re ready for a fight.

Stranded Ship

Playing with a squad is fun, but it’s even better when everyone is at full shields, and you can stop worrying about Reboot Cards, Reboot Vans, and pesky enemy players who won’t let you revive your teammates in peace. That said, getting shields for everyone isn’t easy. I swear the FlowBerry Fizz drop rate is lower for Squad Mode.

All your shielding worries can go away if you land or head to the Stranded Ship east of the map. This place has a massive shield container for everyone.

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Though Cande started her journey in the video game industry as a localization specialist six years ago, she soon realized that her true calling was to annoy NPCS and smash virtual pottery. Under Nintendo and Square Enix's chokehold, she will willingly pour hours upon hours into reaching 100% completion in the longest roleplaying games ever made. But hey, who needs fresh air and sunlight when you can just live in Ivalice?