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Fallout x Fortnite crossover in the works following mega-success of TV series

The collaboration will further capitalize on the recently revitalized Fallout universe.

It’s been a big year for the resurgence of the Fallout franchise, which casually reminded gamers that it’s still a titan of the industry through a new TV series on Prime Video, as well as updates and resurrections to the playerbases of every game in its near-30-year-old series. 

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Now, the universe of Fallout will expand beyond its post-apocalyptic borders in its own franchise and join another setting, as a collaboration with Fortnite is apparently in the works. 

An image of a set of power armor from Fallout with the Fortnite Battle Royale worded logo overlaid into the top-right corner was posted by the official Fortnite social media account on X (formerly Twitter) alongside a simple caption of two emojis: a winky face and a thumbs up—an obvious callout the Fallout franchise’s mascot, Vault Boy. 

It’s likely the Fallout collaboration with Fortnite will come at some point in the very near future, and the content found within it will be a centerpiece of the upcoming chapter five, season three update. 

We’re predicting, at the very least, a vault jumpsuit skin, a set of power armor to wear, and very likely, a piece of back bling that resembles a Brotherhood of Steel model jetpack. With how many unique pieces of armor and other items are prevalent in the Fallout series, it’s definitely possible that this collaborative effort is stacked with immediately recognizable and iconic appearances to collect. 

The Fortnite x Fallout collaboration will likely be coming at some point in the very near future in an effort to keep the recent hype that Fallout has been garnering alive and well. Chapter Five, season three of Fortnite will begin one week from today, May 24. The Fallout promotion will probably go live during that season. With just one week separating players from that date, it’s a bit up in the air if any potential Fallout content will be available right from the jump as soon as Chapter Five, season three starts.

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