How to get the Headless Horsepower Sparrow in Destiny 2

Earn candy, get a sweet ride.

Image via Bungie

One of the new items introduced as a reward for participating in Destiny 2’s Halloween-themed festival, the Festival of the Lost, is the hauntingly exquisite Exotic Sparrow, the Headless Horsepower.

The vehicular homage to the famous Headless Horseman will take a bit of grinding from a dedicated sweet tooth, but it’s more than worth it in the end.

How to earn the Headless Horsepower Sparrow in Destiny 2

To earn the Headless Horsepower Sparrow, you must complete the “Masked Rider” triumph, which requires you to unlock all six festival masks that you can buy from Eva Levante with Candy. Those masks, and their Candy costs, are:

  • Eramis Mask: 1,300 Candy
  • Taniks Mask: 2,600 Candy
  • Honk Moon Mask: 3,900 Candy
  • Pyramid Mask: 5,200 Candy
  • Ada-1 Mask: 6,500 Candy
  • Sweeper Bot Mask: 7,800 Candy

That comes out to a grand total of 27,300 Candy that you’ll need to collect to purchase all the masks. This may seem like a lot, but with your default mask equipped, you can actually earn Candy pretty quickly.

The two weekly Festival bounties each reward 250 Candy upon completion, the daily bounties each reward 30, and the repeatable dailies each reward 20.

Completing activities like Strikes, Gambit matches, and public events with a mask equipped will earn you Candy as well, and additionally drop the Spectral Pages you need to take with you when you do Haunted Lost Sectors. Those Haunted Lost Sectors will also reward you Candy upon completion and up to 20 for each Headless One you defeat.

Purchase each mask once you have the necessary amount of Candy and complete the Triumph once all are collected. You can then collect the Headless Horsepower Sparrow from Eva.