How to get Spectral and Manifested Pages in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost

Take a look, it's in a book.

Image via Bungie

The key resources during Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event are Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages. Earning these will allow you to unveil pages of the Book of Forgotten, letting Guardians access event-exclusive rewards.

Upon arriving at the Traveler during the Festival of the Lost, speak to Eva Levante. She’ll welcome you to the festival and raise her eyebrows at the nearby Book of the Forgotten. You’ll get a festival mask from her, which unlocks your ability to earn Spectral Pages.

How to create and earn Spectral Pages during Festival of the Lost

Spectral Pages are earned only while completing various activities during the Festival of the Lost period while your mask is equipped. The list of activities includes:

  • Public events
  • Strikes
  • Bounties
  • Gambit/Crucible matches

There are specific bounties you can get from Eva that will increase the rewards you get from completing activities while masked, primarily in the form of Candy. Once you’ve acquired at least three Spectral Pages and 100 pieces of Candy, head back to Tower and queue up the new activity, Haunted Lost Sectors.

How to create and earn Manifested Pages

Haunted Lost Sectors are the new seasonal activity exclusive to the Festival of the Lost event. You can queue up for this activity after you’ve acquired some Spectral Pages, using the matchmaking node that’s on the Traveler map.

After exploring your Haunted Sector, approach summoning circles to summon Headless Ones. The more you defeat in a five-minute period, the more Spectral Pages will get converted. After the five minutes is up, you’ll have to defeat a boss, which requires you to defeat a few more Headless Ones. And the rewards chest at the end will give you your Manifested pages.

Return to Eva at the Tower and she’ll have you approach the Book of the Forgotten. There, you can add two Manifested Pages to acquire a Shrouded Page, which unlocks a section of lore. Speak to Eva again to receive the Jurassic Green pulse rifle, a Solar energy weapon.

Revealing half of the 27 pages of the Book of the Forgotten will unlock the Beheaded Home banner. Revealing all 27 pages rewards you the Headless Hues shader.