How to do Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost

Moon's haunted. Europa too.

Haunted Sectors are the flagship of Destiny 2‘s 2021 Festival of the Lost. This fast-paced activity gives guardians a shot at other Festival of the Lost weapons at the end of each round and also offers a way to cleanse Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages on the Book of the Forgotten.

Finishing the activity can yield the three Festival of the Lost weapons with random rolls. Jurassic Green, Horror Story, and Braytech Werewolf all can drop at the chest at the end of a Haunted Sector, but transforming Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages “significantly improves” the chance of weapon drops, according to the game.

If you’re looking to farm for weapons or are just looking for a new activity in Destiny 2, here’s how to do Haunted Sectors in Festival of the Lost.

Summoning the Headless Ones

The activity starts inside a familiar Lost Sector, but with a twist. Perdition (Europa), K1 Revelation (Moon), and The Rift (Nessus) are ready to celebrate Halloween, with scary decorations and even scarier enemies. When you begin, you’ll have to take out a wave of Vex or Hive, depending on the setting, and you’ll soon receive a prompt to summon a Headless One.

A circle will appear in the area with a countdown above it, similar to the mines in Prison of Elders or on a control point in Crucible. After taking the plate, a boss called a Headless One will spawn. Those bosses are sturdy, but some coordinated fire will make short work of them.

After taking out the first Headless One, another Summoning Circle will appear. Players should take down as many bosses as they can within a timer (not unlike Solstice’s adventures in the EAZ). Each boss will cleanse a page, so taking out as many as you can is a surefire way of rushing through your Manifested Pages.

Final boss

After the timer runs out, players will encounter a boss that varies depending on the enemy type. If you’re fighting Vex, expect a Hydra. If you’re going up against Hive, however, you’ll see a Hive Wizard coming your way. If you’re in Nessus, expect an unusually large Eliksni Captain.

Regardless of the boss, players should hit the boss hard until its health drops to around two-thirds, which is when it will receive an invulnerability shield. Breaking it down, however, requires more summoning and more Headless Ones.

While the boss is invulnerable, another Summoning Circle will appear. Once again, players must activate it and defeat the Headless One. This time, however, it will drop three Pumpkin Charges, which guardians can throw at the boss to disable its shield (think of it as the boss room in the Corrupted, yet somehow less scary). Save any remaining Pumpkin Charges because they can come in handy for boss phases.

This part can get overwhelming. After the boss raises its invulnerability shield, several adds will flock to your position and more Headless Ones will show up as well. With enough bad luck, a guardian can get focused or pinned down, leaving their team short-handed. Try to stick together while summoning (Well of Radiance does wonders for this section) and focus the boss as quickly as possible to proc another invulnerability phase.

After dealing enough damage with the Pumpkin Charges, the shield will disappear and players can resume taking chunks of the boss’ health. It will activate another invulnerability phase when it has a third of its health left, so throw any leftover Pumpkin Charges at the boss or summon another Headless One.

After taking out the boss for good, players will receive their spoils, including Manifested Pages, Candy, and a shot at weapons.