Twitch will air an interactive Inspector Gadget marathon next week

Inspector Gadget co-creator Andy Heyward will be engaging with fans throughout the marathon.

Image via Twitch

Twitch will broadcast an Inspector Gadget marathon from Dec. 17 to Dec. 24. All 65 episodes from the 1983 original series will be broadcast in five-hour blocks each day.

Inspector Gadget co-creator Andy Heyward will be on-hand to chat with viewers and sketch out art inspired by Twitch viewers’ usernames. Adam Savage from tech website Tested will also livestream 3D prop creations inspired by Inspector Gadget throughout the marathon.

Heyward will be available for one hour each day from Dec. 17 to 21. He’ll watch along with fans and discuss episodes and create character concepts of fans. Tested will stream during the marathon breaks.

“When Inspector Gadget was created 35 years ago, the props and gizmos that were used didn’t exist in real-life,” Heyward said in a statement. “Many years later, we found them to come to life and reality. Penny’s wrist watch secret communicator became an iPhone. The handheld computer with the video screen on it, the Game Boy and iPad tablet.”

Heyward is excited to further the expectations of technology once again by providing a unique, interactive experience that Inspector Gadget fans “would have never imagined was possible back in the day,” he said.

Twitch streamers will be able to co-stream using the special events content category and a co-streaming hashtag.

“As fans of gadgets, we are especially big fans of Inspector Gadget,” Savage said. “We are looking forward to being live on Twitch, interacting with the fans in chat, and bringing gadgets inspired by the show to life, as well as seeing what the Twitch chat community comes up with based on our schematics.”

Tested will also host a community competition that challenges fans to create their own gadgets using 3D printer schematics provided by Savage and his crew. Participants are tasked with streaming their builds, a few of which will get live commentary from the Tested crew.