Apex player designs concept for Mirage heirloom

A pair of holo-gloves that project a mini Mirage would be in line with the character.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Heirloom sets add a cosmetic melee weapon to certain characters and quickly became the dream of every collector in Apex Legends. A player designed a fan-made heirloom for Mirage yesterday, inspired by the legend’s charming (and somewhat narcissistic) personality.

The proposed heirloom is a pair of holographic gloves that would project holograms off its surface. The illusions would be related to Mirage’s character and one of the proposed objects is a miniature version of Mirage cheering him on, in line with his vain personality traits. Another possible visual is a virtual pork chop, a nod to the Witt family recipe and Mirage’s favorite dish. “Pork chops” are also a common theme in the legend’s voice lines.

The heirloom could also reflect another somber, more emotional part of Mirage’s character. The creator suggested that the gloves could display a picture of his mother, Evelyn Witt. A heartbreaking Easter egg shows that Evelyn has a hard time remembering her son in an unusually dark moment for the peppy Mirage.

The unique attack animation would project a holographic flurry of punches that makes it look like Mirage is punching at an increased speed. “When you melee an enemy, it will look like a rapid number of punches went off at once,” the concept says.

To present the idea, the creator took advantage of the holographic trickster’s alluring personality and wrote a dialogue that reflects his mannerisms and sense of humor, complete with jabs at fellow legends Pathfinder and Crypto.

The concept was well-received on Apex’s official subreddit. Some users called it “the most creative mirage heirloom idea” and “absolutely genius.” Overall, the heirloom combines a series of the legend’s core aspects in one item. “There is really only one thing that makes Mirage stand out, and that’s his hologram tech,” the concept’s creator said. Aside from being an integral part of the character, it also adds plenty of creative freedom because they can project nearly anything.

Players suggested a series of additions to the holographic gloves. One idea proposed that Mirage’s item would exhibit virtual copies of other legends’ heirlooms. When displaying Pathfinder’s boxing gloves, Mirage would rush to “turn off” his hologram and stop the item from showing. The gesture would reference Mirage’s jokes about Pathfinder. “I just hope I don’t have to fight with that smiling robot,” he says in a voice line. “I’m just kidding, he’s fine, everyone’s fine.”

Another idea suggested adding a trophy to the list of projections in a reference to Apex’s campaign for The Game Awards. Mirage was nominated to the (evidently fictional) category of “Best Competitor in a Battle Royale Based on Skills and Good Looks.” The game also took the award for Best Multiplayer Game. This would be in line with the character’s love for winning and narcissistic traits.

Even if Respawn added the heirloom to the game, it likely wouldn’t come in the near future. Apex’s holiday-themed event, the Holo-Day Bash, added Pathfinder’s boxing gloves as an heirloom item. The next rare set to be added to the game could take some time to reach the servers, and even then, nothing guarantees it’ll belong to Mirage.