The start and end dates for all Apex Legends seasons

Keep track of all of Apex's seasons.

Apex characters Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Wraith joining forces.
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Apex Legends, like most battle royales, segments its available loot and modes with a seasons system.

Each season lasts about three months and typically introduces a new legend, balance changes, and battle pass. Seasons also often include new cosmetic items, weapons, maps, and more. 

Starting with season five, released back in 2020, quests were added to the game. These daily and weekly goals help players accrue points toward the battle pass, which grants rewards for each level attained. Quests can also be aligned with collection or lore events and can feature their own trackers separate from that season’s battle pass.

The most recent season, called Resurrection, kicked off on Aug. 8. It features the long anticipated reworks to Revenant and the Charge Rifle, the addition of Broken Moon to mixtape game modes, and updated areas on King’s Canyon and World’s Edge.

Here are the start and end dates for all Apex Legends seasons.

SeasonStart dateEnd date
The PreseasonFeb. 4, 2019March 19, 2019
Wild Frontier (season one)March 19, 2019June 18, 2019
Battle Charge (season two)July 2, 2019Oct. 1, 2019
Meltdown (season three)Oct. 1, 2019Feb. 4, 2020
Assimilation (season four)Feb. 4, 2020May 12, 2020
Fortune’s Favor (season five)May 12, 2020Aug. 18, 2020
Boosted (season six)Aug. 18, 2020Nov. 4, 2020
Ascension (season seven)Nov. 4, 2020Feb. 2, 2021
Mayhem (season eight)Feb. 2, 2021May 4, 2021
Legacy (season nine)May 4, 2021Aug. 3, 2021
Emergence (season 10)Aug. 3, 2021Nov. 2, 2021
Escape (season 11)Nov. 2, 2021Feb. 8, 2022
Defiance (season 12)Feb. 8, 2022May 10, 2022
Saviors (season 13)May 10, 2022Aug. 9, 2022
Hunted (season 14)Aug. 9, 2022Nov. 1, 2022
Eclipse (season 15)Nov. 1, 2022Feb. 14, 2023
Revelry (season 16)Feb. 14, 2023May 9, 2023
Arsenal (season 17)May 9, 2023Aug. 8, 2023
Resurrection (season 18)Aug. 8, 2023Oct. 30, 2023

When does Apex Legends’ season 18 end?

Based on the in-game counter on the battle pass, Apex’s season 18 ends on Oct. 39, giving players just over three months to unlock all of the season’s rewards. Like with previous seasons, the following season after Resurrection will begin the same day as the previous one ends.

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