Apex Legends fans discover Mirage Easter egg during Holo-Day Bash Collection event

Easter egg here, level four.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Mirage-hosted Holo-Day Bash Collection event launched earlier this week, and quick-eyed Apex Legends fans have already discovered a secret Easter egg designed for the Holographic Trickster.

Just outside of the new Mirage-themed area of World’s Edge, the Mirage Voyage, players can find a phone nestled in a pile of rocks.

Upon approaching the phone, the device begins playing a call from Mirage to his mother. It starts out as a simple call, with the Holographic Trickster greeting his mother and telling her all about his new gig as host of the holiday-themed event. But the phone call quickly changes tone when Mirage has to remind his mother of who he is.

“Yeah. Yeah that’s right mom.” Mirage can be heard saying. “Yeah, I’m your son, Elliot.”

He then wraps up the phone call by telling his mother to go enjoy a set of pork chops and promises her he will win the Apex Games for his number one fan.

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This soundbite has led many Apex fans to believe Mirage’s mother may be suffering from dementia. Respawn has carefully crafted many of its legends’ backstories, taking effort to detail the characters’ personalities and relationships within the Apex universe. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that this bit of information was designed and placed in World’s Edge to build on the character’s backstory.  

Mirage’s biography can be found on EA’s website and describes the close relationship between Mirage and his mother. She’s described as an engineer who introduced her son to his illusion-creating technology. The Holographic Trickster entered into the Apex Games only after his mother gave him her blessings and a set of customized holo devices.

Respawn has become well-known for putting Easter eggs into Apex. From Loch Ness monsters to dog plushies, the Apex developer has left a trail of bread crumbs for users to follow in the newly renovated Firing Range.

The Holo-Day Bash Collection event is now live across all platforms and features an array of holiday-themed festivities for fans to enjoy. Mirage has received his own town takeover for the event’s duration with the Mirage Voyage, a docked and decorated supply carrier that features a hot tub and a bar.

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Apex fans can explore the Mirage Voyage and try out the battle royale’s newest game mode, the Winter Express, until the event ends of Jan. 7.