How to start the party in the Mirage Voyage in Apex Legends

If you do, you get a free legendary weapon skin.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One of Apex Legends’ characters delivered Respawn’s announcement at The Game Awards last night.

Mirage spoke from his boat, the Mirage Voyage, to reveal Apex’s holiday-themed event. The Holo-Day Bash brought Christmas joy to World’s Edge by adding 24 cosmetics, including skins and weapon charms, and the Winter Express limited-time mode. Players who collect them all will get Pathfinder’s new heirloom, a pair of boxing gloves.

The event also involves the Mirage Town Takeover, which was teased by data miners shortly before the Holo-Day Bash came along. The Mirage Voyage is parked in World’s Edge and players can board it to have a blast with the holographic trickster and his army of decoys (including an impression of Jack and Rose from Titanic).

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage’s holiday skin dresses him like the Nutcracker. The G7 Scout has a Marching Orders visual, also inspired by the famous ballet. To get it, players just need to start the party on the Mirage Voyage.

Here’s how to do it.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

You gotta fight for your right to party

The Mirage Voyage is marked on the map and anchored near Lava Fissure. Keep an eye out for the ship’s telltale visuals: It shoots a near-constant stream of fireworks, which can be spotted from a long distance.

The panel to start the party is on the top of the ship, across from the respawn beacon. Pressing it will summon a handful of Mirage decoys and blast air horns, the game’s not-so-subtle way to confirm the challenge.

Initial reports show that the button can be pressed more than once in a match, but it takes some time to reset. After activating the party, the challenge should complete and players should get the G7 Scout skin.

The allure of a party and a free skin have made the Mirage Voyage a hot drop. Stay alert for other players dropping in the same area and trying to ruin your party if you’re diving into the ship, and be on the lookout for potential ambushes if you make your way to it on foot.

Players can party with Mirage until Jan. 7. To give the holidays an early start, Respawn will hold a double XP weekend between 12pm CT on Dec. 13 and 12pm CT on Dec. 16. Experience gained will count for both level progression and the Battle Pass.